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"I have know Ewan Norrie since 2001 and I think he is an outstanding personal trainer. He very thoughtfully reads a clients abilities, goals and aspirations and interprets them into an appropriate programme or programmes.

He offers outstanding flexibility in how he treats with his clients; in frequency of training and at the time of day it is delivered. It is unusual to find a trainer, indeed someone in any walk of life, who has such dedication to personal, professional development. This is best  expressed by his continuous learning which has gained him an encyclopaedic knowledge of both physical and mental well being.

Above all else Ewan is a gentleman, courteous to a fault but with an overriding desire to get results. He is someone with whom one looks forward to spending time." - Bryan Brown

Bryan Brown

Ewan has been my personal trainer since 2011. Ewan doesn’t only provide physical guidance but also mental positivity. He always explains why we are doing a specific exercise and answers my questions with mindfulness and professionalism, making me feel proud of even the smallest of achievements.

He always makes himself available offering advice and direction. Ewan has actually changed my life, I know it sounds dramatic, but I am no longer in pain, purely because Ewan has worked tirelessly in solving the issue. I can’t recommend Ewan highly enough.


I started seeing Ewan in 2009, my body was a shambles from decades working at a desk, a burst disc in my lower back, neck problems resulting from a dumper truck rear ending me at a pedestrian crossing and constant headaches.

I had seen a few other trainers before, they provided lists of exercises, to be performed by rote, but I never felt they interpreted the impact on my body nor explored a holistic approach. And then I met Ewan. Firstly, his patience is phenomenal, his understanding of the human body outstanding – he can quote every muscle in the body and tell you how it works, more importantly he took time to understand me, my physical issues and my lifestyle (workaholic) that impacted my wellbeing.

My posture was appalling, I really didn’t appreciate this. I had exercised for years, but not addressing my posture put enormous pressure on my body. Ewan had his work cut out, especially as I thought it could be solved within six months! Through his patience, clear explanations, persistence, humour and holistic guidance my body slowly improved to the point that I rarely have aches or pains now, headaches in general are a thing of the past, my stamina has increased and I am able to exercise for long periods, hiking up hills and mountains – I would never been able attain this capability without Ewan’s considerable help.

I no longer live close enough to continue working with him (my huge loss) however, when I exercise or have a twinge I think of Ewan, his words of wisdom ring in my ears, my time training with him has left indelible memories on how to care and appreciate my body and mind. I cannot recommend him highly enough, if you are lucky enough to work with him, you will fully understand why.

Lindsey Barker

Age: 63

Lindsey Barker

Having attended yoga classes with Ewan over the last 2 years, I find Ewan very good at targeting any concerns from individuals through out the group. Due to both one to one and group sessions, not only is my recovering frozen shoulder improved but I am a lot more flexible, as well as sleeping better. Ewan also advises on homework exercises out of class for any issues such as stretches to relieve back pain.

The classes are friendly and sociable

and I would recommend Ewan as being a very professional and approachable wellness teacher.

Cindy Age 60 - Oxfordshire

 I first met Ewan some ten years ago when I had been overdoing it on the cross trainer and managed to damage my knees. A friend suggested I saw Ewan which I did initially for some personal training.

I subsequently joined one of his yoga classes and then another and still attend two a week.I honestly believe that it is due to Ewan that, at the age of 77, I am as well as I am - still pretty active and relatively flexible for my age (I never was never very flexible even when I was 16!).

What Ewan doesn’t know about the body isn’t worth knowing! If any part of the body is aching, he always knows what counter stretch to do. He is also very positive and encouraging.

At the same time, he never oversteps the boundaries in terms of going outside his area of expertise. In other words, if you need to see a doctor or a chiropractor, for example, that’s what he will suggest. If you want to improve your strength, flexibility and general all round health, I have no hesitation in recommending Ewan Norrie.

Liz - Oxfordshire

Ewan worked on me for several years as a corporate client, mainly shoulder and back massages and yoga classes. He did a consistently great job. He's warm, engaging and encouraging and an enthusiast.I have no hesitation in recommending his services to others.


'I have been practicing yoga for over 30 years and I can say with confidence that Ewan is possibly the best yoga teacher I have had. His approach is to tailor classes to meet whatever needs my body is expressing at that time. Somehow he manages to do this for everyone in the class.

With his background in fitness work, Ewan has a much deeper understanding of the body than most yoga teachers, and he is excellent at remedial work. I count myself among his ‘older’ clientele and I really value the way in which he uses yoga asanas and movement to really build up strength, mobility and flexibility.


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