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Corporate Clients

Ewan continues to provide corporate wellness solutions for companies in Oxfordshire.  Corporate companies expect highly professional Wellness providers who are flexible and results driven. 


Ewan Has worked with Miele UK based in Abingdon for over a decade.  He provides weekly online Yoga class,  This works well for the staff as some work from home meaning they can still attend.  He has also provided Cholesterol, diabetes and blood pressure testing as well as weekly postural checks/muscular therapy. 

He has given a number of talks for their engineers, professional team as well as online talks over the past 5 years.


Ricardo Rail

As an international company with offices based in Australia, China, Arab Emirates, Europe and the Americas, Ewan provided a number of online talks ranging from stress, sleep and meditation to name but a few.  He also provided a wide range of online classes during the Pandemic


Crown are an international company with a key site of R&D based in Wantage.  Crown have utilised many of Ewans skills, from Yoga, cholesterol and diabetes testing, postural analysis and muscular therapy as well as presenting several talks in their in house amphitheater/lecture hall.



Eviosys is also based in Wantage and has included many of the services that Ewan provides in a corporate setting.  Ranging from talks, to lunch and learns as well as postural assessments/muscular therapy as well as cholesterol/diabetes/blood pressure testing as well as running a weekly onsite lunchtime yoga class for employees,

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