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Ewan Norrie has been a beacon of expertise in the health and fitness industry. He is a highly-respected personal trainer and physical therapist with an extensive track record of success spanning 25 years in physical therapy alone.  He is now based in Bampton where people can be trained in his private gym or even organise a home visit if time or mobility is an issue.

His interests

He enjoys listening to music.  In the past years has been reading much about the stoic philosophies as well as keeping abreast of health, fitness, and wellness trends.   He has a keen interest in the history of Europe from Rome to Charlemagne as well as the historical evolution of Britain.  He loves to watch films and comedies.

He enjoys swimming and yoga but will always use the gym.  He has run 6 marathons over the past years but still enjoys good food and the odd glass of red wine.  

He enjoys fishing and camping with his 13-year-old son when the weather allows and supporting his many athletic and academic pursuits.  He lives with his partner Stephanie who is a principal of a successful dental practice in Witney.

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