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Discover a comprehensive range of health and lifestyle products carefully selected to support your well-being.

In today's demanding environment, prioritizing health and wellness is crucial for maintaining a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle. Our extensive collection of premium products encompasses a holistic approach to well-being, addressing your physical, mental, and emotional needs.

From health supplements  to innovative fitness accessories and stress-management tools, our curated selection provides a comprehensive solution to your wellness aspirations. Whether you seek to enhance your physical performance, boost energy levels, or cultivate a sense of inner peace, our products empower you to achieve your health and well-being goals effectively.

*Please note I will receive a very small commission when you order from this site.  Your support appreciated.


Most people have a great diet.  Eating vegetables, fruits, good meats and whole grains, seeds or nuts.  It must be said that eating well is always our best option for health and supplements should be seen as exactly that - an addition to an already excellent diet.  It is important to know that not all supplements are equal.  The ingredients used to make the supplement impact its availability to the body and as we all know, good quality ingredients tend to cost more.  There are many excellent supplement manufacturers and the one which i use is Solgar.   It is important to speak to your GP before taking supplements and in addition always take supplements as directed.

Home use equipment

You could be doing yoga, cardio or resistance training.  All elements are important in complete fitness.  When purchasing equipment always ensure its weight capacity, treadmills and pull up bar.  *Please note it can be useful to add an additional 20kgs or so to the users weight so that its robust enough to last a long time.


With many people still working out at home electronics are keeping us connected.  Using screens to 'mirror' over the TV to aid in watching instructors, adding portable speakers or head phones are essential for those joining classes online.

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